Locations & meeting points

In the together-meeting points in the Ruhr area and in the Lower Rhine region you can meet other young LGBT*I* from your region in a very relaxed way. Just come by or make an appointment! Ideal for the first time: the newcomer day KOMPASS (see below).

Current opening hours can be found under News, sorted by locations, days or groups. Here are first impressions & contact details:

together geldern
Tel: 0179 6145493

Bahnhof Geldern oder Brühlscher Weg 4
47608, Geldern

together mülheim
Tel: 0208 30 27 358
45468, Mülheim an der Ruhr

together krefeld
Tel: 02151 44 96 930
Neue Linner Straße 61-63
47799, Krefeld

together kleve
Tel: 02151 44 96 930
Spoyufer 1-3
47533, Kleve

together gelsenkirchen
Tel: 0209 12 09 368
Wildenbruchstraße 13
45888, Gelsenkirchen

together essen
Tel: 0208 30 27 358
Kleine Stoppenberger Straße 13-15
45141, Essen

together dinslaken
Tel: 02151 44 96 930
Brückstraße 11
46353, Dinslaken

Your way towards us

KOMPASS & Come-In-Service

For many, entering a together meeting point for the first time is a great inhibition threshold. Some walk round and round, cautiously looking in to see what is happening there – some then lose courage and go back home instead of going inside.

But the feedback from our visitors is almost always: “At some point I just went in and after five minutes it was my second living room!”

With the newcomer day KOMPASS (monthly in each meeting point – dates under news) and the come-in service we would like to make it easier for you to get on board. Contact us and meet with one of the staff members before opening hours.

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