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Your son (also) is into boys, your daughter (also) into girls? Your child wishes to be called by a different name?

Whether you already had an idea or are completely unprepared, coming out is quite a shock for almost all parents at first. Then come the worries: Will she be happy? Will he protect himself from diseases? What about discrimination? And I was so looking forward to grandchildren….

You may have only a hunch or you may not have heard it from your child itself, but “somehow” found out and now you don’t know how to deal with it?

You are not alone with all these worries. Whether homosexual, bi-sexual or pansexual, whether trans* or inter*, all these young people have parents, and almost all parents have asked themselves these and similar questions. Almost all of them have experienced how their relationship with their child changes.

The staff of the Lebenslust counseling center has helped many parents to make the relationship with their child stable, open and trusting. We are happy to listen, advise you and put you in touch with other parents or our parents’ group.


Just call or make an appointment online via Beranet:
Information and advisory hotline Ruhr area: 0208 – 19 446
Info- und Beratungshotline Niederrhein: 02151 – 56 52 561

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