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The SVLS e.V. organizes and is responsible for the together youth projects. Since 1998, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* persons and people with HIV/AIDS of all ages and different cultures have been working together for more visibility and acceptance of diverse lifestyles. Especially by enabling community(ies), we pursue the goal of supporting and encouraging people to live their sexual orientation and/or gender identity with self-confidence. Special focus is on young LGBT*I* with their special challenges as well as LGBT*I* in crises or difficult life situations. Especially in the fields of (open) youth work, psychosocial counseling and HIV/STI prevention, we were able to develop our core competencies, partly as pioneers.

Lived diversity, solidarity, curiosity, creativity and humor are our strengths. In all our offerings, we do not rely on the lowest common denominator. With a colorful range of forms, methods, talents and subcultural resources, we address various people and target groups in a specific and partial way. Not everything has to fit everyone, but there should be something right for everyone. Central to us is the linking of (social)pedagogical or social work expertise and practical life-world competence as well as the direct participation of the respective target group(s). More important to us than individual demands is an open dialogue in which everyone is heard, as a basis for mutual understanding and change.

For the sake of our target groups, acceptance and diversity, we participate confidently in socio-political discussions, cooperate with other organizations, are involved in various umbrella organizations and – as a registered youth welfare organization – in working groups for youth welfare planning. Whenever possible, it is central for us to involve the respective target group(s) ourselves by mobilizing them and paving the way for them.

We maintain an active community. Even though many offers are now supported by state funding and accompanied by professionals, our members are a very important pillar of the association. They not only make a financial contribution, but also shape the association and its offerings through volunteer work and participation in meetings. Especially the board members bear a high responsibility. They are elected by the members and advised and supported by honorary council members (long-time board members). They are responsible for everything and have open ears for ideas, suggestions, criticism or even complaints. In order to achieve the greatest possible participation and transparency, meetings of the board are open to all members. Dates under “News & Dates“.

Everybody can participate and we are happy about committed new members!

Further information can be found in the download area:

  • Statutes of the association, mission statement, contribution rules and application for membership
  • Excerpt from the register of associations, annual and financial reports of the board of directors

Board of the SVLS e. V.

Patrick Huberty
(im Vorstand seit 2015)


Patrick Hopfinger
Stellv. Vorsitzender
(im Vorstand seit 2015)

Torsten Schrodt
(im Vorstand seit 2011)

Zero Liß
Fachvorstand Beratung & Selbsthilfe
(im Vorstand seit 2017)

Niko Tischmeyer
Fachvorstand Jugend
(im Vorstand seit 2024)

Niklas Brauer
Fachvorstand Beteiligung & Ehrenamt
(im Vorstand seit 2024)

Honorary council of the SVLS e. V.

Georg Triebels
Honorary council – since 2011
(Member of the board 2005 – 2011)

Roy Papen
Honorary council – since 2011
(Member of the board  2005 – 2011)

Dr. Christoph Jansen
Honorary council – seit 2019
(Member of the board 2011 – 2019)


We are affiliated with the following umbrella organizations:

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