Young lesbian, bi- and pansexual women*

Falling in love with a wonderful woman*, flirting with hot women*, diving into a community full of women*power, … – lesbian, bi- or pansexual has many wonderful sides. However, in a society that doesn’t always understand, there are also the other sides: not being taken seriously as a woman* or in one’s own sexual orientation, not knowing many role models and like-minded people, hearing the same old stupid jokes. Bi- and pansexual women*, who would actually like to be happy about having all possibilities, have to hear again and again that they can’t decide.

You know these difficulties, want to talk about a problem, ask a question or express doubts, but there is no one there who understands you? Maybe you are also afraid of being laughed at or not being taken seriously? For all these topics and also for questions about coming out, love, sex and partnership, we are happy to listen and help: in person at a meeting point or at an arranged counseling appointment, by phone, in a 1:1 video chat or via our virtual counseling center.

All counseling services are free of charge, we are bound by secrecy and do not share any of your personal data.

Just call or make an appointment online via Beranet:
Information and advisory hotline Ruhr area: 0208 – 30 27 358
Information and advisory hotline Lower Rhine: 02151 – 44 96 930

Beranet online counseling


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For many, entering a together meeting point for the first time is a great inhibition threshold. Some walk round and round, cautiously looking in to see what is happening there – some then lose courage and go back home instead of going inside.
But the feedback from our visitors is almost always: “At some point I just went in and after five minutes it was my second living room!”
With the newcomer day KOMPASS (monthly in each meeting point – dates under news) and the come-in service we would like to make it easier for you to get on board. Contact us and meet with one of the staff members before opening hours.

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