together is what you make of it!

together offers the opportunity to meet inspiring people and to enjoy experiences or get active together with (new) friends. You decide how an evening at together will happen and which activities will take place. Ideas, suggestions and helping hands are always needed. The team is happy to support you.

No one MUST participate, but everyone CAN!

Opening hours

During opening hours you can meet other young LGBT*I people, chat, play or flirt and just be yourself for a while. Some of the opening hours are only for trans*, only for boys* or only for girls* to be among themselves. All other times are open to all young LGBT*I* up to 26 years. From time to time there is some program, but to get in touch with each other is the most important thing and chilling together is always included.

Rather rarely we gather in something like a circle of chairs; while some cook (or eat), others throw darts or chat in the sofa corner. So, it’s always you who decides what you participate in and with whom you have more or less contact.

For rather quiet or shy people, the staff members are ready to support and help. They usually notice quickly if someone is standing a little aside and help making contacts. But you can also talk to them at any time. If you are there for the first time, we are especially attentive! Drinks and snacks (also for the small purse) are always provided.

Opening hours

Projects & events

Projects & events take place regularly; sometimes during opening hours, but mostly at other times. Here, too, some projects are specifically for young women*, men* or trans*, but many are also joint projects. We also inform about some projects and events on our homepage, Facebook or Instagram. For some of them, however, we deliberately address visitors to the meetings and publish them on the notice boards in the meetings. Which events and projects will take place, we decide together with you. We are looking forward to your ideas!

Of course, we are regularly active at the CSDs and do events for the Coming-Out-Day. We organize joint trips, cooking evenings or game nights and workshops on personal, political or cultural topics. Especially popular are also the weekend trips or the international youth meetings, where we meet partner groups from different European countries.

If you want to get an impression of what has been going on lately, have a look at Photos & Videos. For upcoming events, see News & Dates.


Difficulties & problems

If you have difficulties or problems, the staff will be there to help you. They don’t have a solution for everything, but they always have an open ear and look for good solutions together with you. Even if you feel uncomfortable or it comes to an argument or tense situation, the staff members are the first contact persons and try to mediate. You can decide which of them you would like to turn to depending on the contact, sympathy or situation. Everyone has special characteristics that can be helpful.

If you feel that this is not appropriate or for general criticism, praise, complaints or suggestions, the executive director and / or the youth board are available to you.

Contact: or

Participate & be involved

Participation is always possible – regardless of whether it is short-term or long-term. Most projects and events would not be possible without volunteers. At together, fellow campaigners are quickly found and, of course, the team supports you.

If you want to get involved more intensively, membership in the association is the right thing to do. Members of the association support our work with an annual fee. Of course, there are special rates for pupils, students or recipients of social benefits (ALG II). You have the right to participate in board meetings and to vote at general meetings. They make the general decisions and bear joint responsibility.

Statutes, membership fees and application form can be found in the download area.

Further info:

Many members of the association are also active on a voluntary basis. They support the activities of the SVLS permanently by voluntary and unpaid work in different projects. They can rely on support from each other and from specialists as well as on mandatory training and regular team meetings. The SVLS e.V. supports them through further training and issues certificates (e.g. for job applications) upon request.

An example of volunteer work: SchLAu. The team members visit schools, sports clubs and other youth facilities to use various methods and describe their own experiences to break down prejudices and strengthen mutual understanding and appreciation. With their commitment, they give diversity a chance.

Further info:

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